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Boating in the East of England waterways
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Due to the Covid - 19 Pandemic there are currently no events

17th March 2021

Future Events

Due to the ongoing events of the past year we as a club have had to cancel all and every event planned throughout 2020 when the first lockdown was introduced and into the current period this year so far. The biggest blow regarding last year was that after a lot of planning and hard work by the committee and sub committees the ANRC Rally, due to be held at the Middle Level Commissioners complex in March, also fell victim. The good news is that the MLC have kindly guaranteed that we will be able to reschedule for 2022 for which we are most grateful.

As for events going forward this year the committee are busy working on a programme to include boating and social gatherings that we will publish here on our web site and email to club members once the authorities confirm dates for all social restrictions to be eased.